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New York Truck Escorts

Requirements when ordering NYC DOT Over dimensional Truck Permits:


New York City DOT cut-off time for a same day move is 1:00pm. We, therefore require all applications by 12:30pm in order to process the applications properly. New York City DOT

Does not allow any amendments or cancellations once an application has been filed.


Daytime Travel Requirements:


                 10ft wide or less (9-6 wide if crossing Verrazano or Throgsneck Bridge)

                 100,000 lbs or less (80,000 lbs if crossing Verrazano or Throgsneck Bridge)

                 100ft long or less

                 14ft in height or less


Nighttime Travel:


                 A permit is required for any load over 8ft wide and/or 55ft in length.


Escort Requirements:


1 Escort required: Vehicle is over 11 ft wide and/or over 65 ft in length


2 Escort required:  Vehicle is over 14 ft wide and/or over 100ft in length

                               And/or over 14ft high and over 100,000 lbs


New York State/Long Island: require a front and rear escort on every night move


Survey required:      Over 12ft in width

                                      Over 80ft in length

                                    120,000 lbs and over

                                 Over 14ft in height


Geometric survey required:  15 ft wide and over

                                                      16ft high and over

                                                      130ft long and over

                                                      180,000 lbs and over (NYC may require a geometric survey for

                                               Loads under 180,000 lbs depending on overall dimensions and

                                                       Load description)


Bridge letter required:

(these take 2 to 3 days to process)


Throgsneck Bridge: Over 80,000 lbs


Triborough Bridge: Always required regardless of dimensions


Verrazano Bridge: Over 80,000 lbs

                               Over 12ft wide

                                    Over 15ft high